Paul Knights & Don Duggan June 5th
Noel Fray 12th June 16
Dave Barcham 26th June
Robert Ridout 3rd July
Lawson Spiller 31st July
Yan Hadley 14th August
Robert Ridout 21st Aug
Mark Pidwell 28th August
Dave Barcham 10th September
Dave B. should women teach 1
Should women teach 2
Sould women teach 3
Lynda Georgeson 16th Oct
Omri -HITInternational Oct 23rd
Robert Ridout 30th Oct
Brian Somers 6th Nov - God Speaks
Capt.Ade Prescott 17th Nov
Dave Barcham 8th Jan
Chris Spark 15th Jan
Mark Pidwell 22nd Jan
Dave Barcham -The Almond Tree 5th Feb
Paul Knights 19th Feb17
Robert Partidge 26th Feb
Brian,Dave,Noel 5th March
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Chris Spark 12th March
Paul Knights 19th Mar.2017
Dave Barcham 26th Mar.17
Yan Hadley In His Tme
Martin Ives June 4th
Seeway Trust 11th June
Gerald Gotzen 13th Aug 2017
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